Idle War
An idle game
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Current version

Version 0.4e published on 6th December 2019

What is this?

A true idle game. Select your mission, decide which ships you will bring along, and sit back and relax.

No need to level up during the game, or do anything else during the game. The idle game you were waiting for!

Beat the mission target, earn XP, upgrade points and better equipment for your ships.

Rinse and repeat.

About the game

A planet has been subject to a surprise attack. Is up to you, and our heroes on their ships, to find out who did it and why.

The current version has 3 ships, each with it's unique role: DPS, Tank and Healer. Only DPS ships will do damage to the enemies, but the other ships will buff the DPS ship(s) and also, in the case of the Tank, attract enemy fire.

XP is earned by destroying enemy ships, and for each 1000XP earned an upgrade point is earned. While XP allows you to improve the efficiency of your ship (buffing damage, hp and special powers), upgrade points allows you to unlock powerful global buffs.

Current progress

With version 0.3, a lot has been added to the game. The balance is on a stage I am happy with, altough further changes might be necessary.

Visually I am also happy with how it looks. Is quite colorful, with a lot of elements on the screen.

Of course going forward new features will be added to the game. This is what is planned ahead:

You can play the game as much as you want, and feel free to provide any feedback at

The target is for this to be a browser game. A mobile version was on the plans, but I don't think idle games are particularly great on mobile devices. While I would like to publish this on mobile at some point, I think I need to rethink the mechanics of the game to better suit mobile users.